Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Me

One year ago today I took a leap of faith and changed my life.

I can hardly believe just how amazing things have turned out and I will never, ever again doubt myself. I know what I want and I know that it takes faith, courage, and sacrifice to attain one's purpose and goal in life. Granted, such a move does not come without cost, and not everyone in my life was happy about the choices that I made, but the MOST IMPORTANT lesson I've learned from all of this is - it is MY choice.

My motto has been that I only have one life to live and I, alone, must get the most out of it.

On August 20, 2013 I crossed the Oregon border to reside in my new home.

I left behind many things I pine for: my husband, animals that I could not bring, trees, plants, and other things I'd managed to get growing in the arid, Las Vegas desert. I left behind some wonderful, loyal friends. What I also left behind was a life I was not suited for and one I had longed to leave. When asked why I moved away from home and husband, I say that I needed to be in place that was green, with water in abundance (however, the drought has impacted us greatly here, too), and be surrounded by nature. Southern Oregon fit that bill more than I could ever have predicted.

I found all of that and so, so much more:

a group of neighbors that embraced me from the moment I arrived

a life among wild turkeys, deer,and surrounded by nature

and a raging river

a job that I could only dream of ever having (Siskiyou County Museum); and peace in my soul.

All of this took place in the span of one year and I could never have imagined any of it.

For those of you that are wondering:

My husband of 26 years and I are still as strong and in love as ever. When the time is right he will join me.

My animals will follow, but for the time being, Lucky the dog, Boy, Dosier, Little Girl, Cry Baby and Pretty Boy Floyd, and Pig are in good hands (John has become the main caretaker).

My plants: trees, flowers, and vegetables will have to survive without me.

The Las Vegas Media Group is one of my greatest regrets - I hate leaving them in the lurch.

I am happy. I have leaped into the unknown and have landed on my feet.