Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Long Siesta

I linked to my Blog Dashboard to shut down my site just now. 

I am once again feeling overwhelmed by obligations of my own doing: taking on too much work and not enjoying moments of nothingness. To that end I have (nervously) extracted myself from some paying jobs, taking a leap of faith that I can make my living just fine on one, not three jobs that are pulling me in all directions - or to an early grave.  

In the process of this "house cleaning" I figured that I would stop feeling like I should be writing my blog posts on a more regular basis, just another obligation I felt I was failing. Then, I saw a comment that was awaiting moderation.

Someone had taken the time to write to me regarding a post I wrote all the way back in 2009. This unknown individual shared her own birth story after reading Childbirth My Way .  I realize that I love this venue for writing my story, I love most of all that I touch others in doing so. I may not have a huge following, however, nearly 30,000 people have stopped by to read my musings since I first started writing the blog. My dream has always been to write and inspire. It has never been about becoming rich or famous, but I would lie if I said I didn't wish I could be the next Frank McCourt or Linda Lou

So, instead of signing off for good, I am putting my blog, This Gioia's Chronicles, on hiatus. I hope readers, new and returning, will take the time to scroll through the last five years of writing while I'm taking a long siesta. There may just be one or more posts that you relate to, are inspired by, and you will take the time to tell me so. 

Adios for now.

Lisa Gioia-Acres

1 comment:

miruspeg said...

Your writing has always inspired me Lisa.
I am so pleased you are not taking this blog down as people do wander around cyberspace and if they stumbling upon a post of yours it may just be the tonic they need to help them on their way.

Keep shining my dear friend.
Big heart hugs
Peggy xxxxxx