Saturday, March 15, 2014

Delayed Responses in an Instant Messaging World

I thought technology, you know: cell phones, emails, and the like was supposed to make our jobs and lives easier. Instead, I find that I am constantly waiting for a response to messages left on "instant transfer" messages. Do you feel the same?
I send an email to apply for a new position, to submit important documents, or just to say "Hello" to someone.


No, "Hey, I got your important information, thanks for sending. We'll be back with you as soon as possible."  

It's an email! It takes literally five-ten seconds to hit the Reply button, say "thanks" and hit Send. I have taken to writing in my emails, "Please reply to this message so I know you have received it."

Not long ago I delivered some delicious cookies to a neighbor. She wasn't home so I set the cookies on her table with a little "thank you for your help" note. I didn't hear a thing back from her. I sent a little nudging text message, "Hey, how are you? Did you get the cookies?"


I think our instantaneous world is overwhelming us. Most likely the culprit is that everyone's email
box is filled with so many emails it is hard to sift through the good ones from the spam.

Maybe it's time to go back to sending things the old-fashioned way: writing a note by hand or applying for a job through the

But, then again, no one will have time to read a letter in hand because they are too busy staring at and cursing their computer screen. 
Ah, the world we now live in.

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miruspeg said...

Hey Lisa
I just wrote a post on the digital age, it is quite a confusing time we now live in and I don't expect it to be resolved any time soon.

I do expect replies to my notes, emails, phone messages and get the shits when the person (normally a friend) does not reply.

Hope all is well in your world my friend. I only blog occasionally these days but I will keep it active as I do enjoy a rant every so often.

Take care and big hugs
Peggy xxxxxxx