Wednesday, May 8, 2013

24 Hour News is 23 Hours and 59 Minutes Too Much

It's been two months since I've written a post; the longest I've gone writing one.  A lot has happened in my life since that time: my book has been published, I've gone on public signing events

I've had a couple of new job interviews, celebrated grandbabies' birthdays,

checked out new places to live, taught history and anthropology to many, many students, and continued with my own projects. 

The world and our country has also been busy, with history-making events unfolding and having all of us glued to our televisions, watching as news unfolds, which is the reason I have been inspired to finally write another post. 

I am going to institute a ban on televised news programs and mass media entertainment sources.  Enough is enough. 

For me it end began during the Boston Marathon bombing when journalist George Stephanopoulos urged viewers to "look and listen" for the umpteenth time to the moment when the bombs exploded.  Not that we hadn't already watched in horror over and over and over already.  The station the reporter was on just needed to fill time until some new development happened.

Today, that poor young woman who bravely escaped with two others and her daughter after ten years of captivity from a Cleveland house was going to make a public appearance and a statement, until she saw the throng of reporters and neighbors outside of the house that would be her refuge.  As she made her way into the home a helicopter watched from above and I thought to myself, I doubt she'll be able to face this crowd.  Sure enough, it was her sister who ended up talking with the reporters.  These journalists acted like a school of snapping piranhas shoving their microphones into her trembling face. 

It is too much to hope for that a woman who basically has not seen the light of day for a decade will be left in peace to recuperate. 

And why have I decided to give up my guilty pleasure of People Magazine?  Because I don't want to see another repeat of Princess Diana and I can see it happening already: Princess Katherine hasn't even given birth yet and every other People cover has her on it trying to see if her belly has grown an inch. 

I have lost respect for the field of journalism.  They have become the lawyers of yesteryear.  Shame on them for their tactics and shame on us for our need to feed our curiosity. 

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