Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In the Middle

By 1988 I was really into my Native American phase, so when it was time to send out announcements for my upcoming wedding, I searched for a card that would be unique to me and the new life I was dreaming of with my husband-to-be. 

I went to a Native American artist's show and found the absolutely perfect message I wanted to convey in an image. 

This is a drawing by talented artist Carole Bourdo, it is called The Beginning Place.  I met the artist at that show and asked how I could obtain cards of the image; the best we came up with was 5 x 7 sized cards.  I paid in advance and had them shipped to my home only to find the artist had generously signed each one.

Next, I needed to come up with the invite and a way to get them on the cards.  This was the era when printers and operators were just getting to know one another - I was still an amatuer with all this equipment and I couldn't afford to waste one card.  After several attempts I figured it out but as you can see the end result was far from "wedding picture perfect." 

Yet, to me the invitations were worth so much more than money could buy. 

Our invitations were made with love and conveyed promise:

My marriage to John, like the copy on our invitations, has been through a little wear and tear, but twenty-five years later we are in the middle of our lifetime journey.  The drawing was meaningful to me at the beginning of our journey as we walked down the aisle and said, "I Do," but truthfully as I write these words and think of all we've been through so far: children growing, fights, laughter, tears, thoughts of breaking up, making up, babies born, animals we have loved and lost, youth fading, the lines on our faces becoming more pronounced, grey hairs and belly paunches, I am so profoundly touched that I have walked this road with John. 
Wedding Day, February 1988

As my favorite character, Gus McCrae (from my favorite movie, Lonesome Dove) said, "By God..... it's been one hell of a party." 
And fortunately for me, the party is still going.

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