Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where? How? Why? The Unknown Doesn't Scare Me!

I flew to Oregon last Thursday for a four-day expedition to see where John and I would live in the near future.  The lady I sat next to on the plane started in asking all sorts of questions and had a response or new question for every answer I gave her. 

Her: "Why are you going?"

Me:  "To look for a property to buy."

Her:  "What are you looking for exactly?"

Me:   "I'll know it when I see it."

Her:  "What about work?" 

Me:  "Things will fall into place as needed." 

Before I buried my nose in my work because I really didn't want to share my entire personal life with a stranger she commented that, "I always thought of myself as the ultimate optimist, but you have me beat!"

She's right about that.  Everytime I've set my mind on something, and I've made some pretty risky changes many times over in my life, I've always landed on my feet.  I believe this next chapter is one of those moments.  Except this time I'm not doing it alone; I have a partner who has a say in the outcome and I have to consider his opinion on things and his way is to proceed methodically and with some idea of where we will end up.  That, I have to say is hard to deal with for someone like me.  When something feels right, I know it - right away and I usually grab the opportunity immediately. 

This fact-finding trip has been successful.  We haven't made any decisions but I sure did find out a lot.  I looked at several properties: some vacant land

and some with homes on them I wouldn't step foot in much less live in. 

I met with or talked with a few realtors.  I became more familiar with the area and determined boundaries of where I would live and where I would not.  After many discussions with knowledgeable people I was able to come up with several promising options on how to make the transition. 

John and I are foregoing the trip back east we were going to take to celebrate our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary to come up here where we can lay some more groundwork toward our future in a new location.  I think that's a fitting anniversary present to us both.

It's back on the plane in the morning to return to familiar.  I take with me more knowledge that I gained from being, as I called it, "in the trenches;" information we just couldn't get off of the Internet.  And if my plane seatmate has a ton of questions for me, I will have even better answers to give this time around. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Chilly, with a Chance at a Warm Tummy

It is freezing here in Las Vegas.  So many of my family, who live in the cold part of the country, are amazed when I tell them that; they assume that the desert is always warm to hot.  I love this cold weather because it makes me move; I become much more domestic, spending hours in the kitchen making yummy smells to greet my husband when he comes home from work.  Last night it was homemade pizza, bread and banana cake.  I'm pretty sure one of the big reasons he married me is because I'm one of those old-fashioned, cook-from-scratch kind-of gal.  I don't like to tempt fate or anything, so I keep on cooking and baking.

Another reason I love the chilly weather is that it keeps the outside bugs that just thrive in the heat at bay.  The cockroaches, black widows and other creepy spiders, and the scorpions. 

I've always handled the first two well enough, but when the scorpions took up residence, well, that was the straw that broke my patience. They are all hibernating right now but by May I can expect to go on patrol once again, careful about where I place my foot or hand, scanning the walls inside and outside the house for that now all too familiar shape. I have not been unfortunate enough to be stung, but this is Las Vegas and the odds are against me.  Do you know there is little that can be done to exterminate scorpions?  We've had the professionals out here, yet, the creature prevails. 

Our cold spell is due to break this week.  We'll go back to temperatures where I don't have to bundle up to get the mail or feed the chickens, a necessity that reminds me of living in New York where five layers of clothing are required just to go turn on the car to warm it up.  I will welcome the warmer weather, but it's still just chilly enough to keep my oven on and the bugs in slumber.

Hope the rest of the country is enjoying their winter in the comfort and warmth of their family and homes.  If not, come on over, I have a pot of something simmering and you are more than welcome to have some!