Monday, December 17, 2012

Oh, to Breathe Freely Again!

After years of fighting a chronic sinus problem, which it turns out is not a result of allergies but due to the structure of my nose, inherited from the Italian side of my family, I am about to get relief.  I wrote a post about the situation, A Necessary Nose Job some while back, never really expecting that a nose job was in my future.  But, here I am about to go in and have "work" done. 

The doctor guarantees that 1) the nose I've come to love will not be altered in how it looks and 2) I'm going to feel a whole lot better (not right away, apparently this surgery takes a lot to recover from.  I'm in for several days of looking and feeling pretty gross.  I'm willing to go through it though; this persistent sniffing, hacking, blowing, and inability to breathe has worn me out. 

Until later...............  Have a great day!

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