Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

How is it that the holidays can sneak up on me so suddenly?  It isn't the commercialism, although every year stores in my area set up their displays and crank out their Christmas music earlier and earlier; no, it's my anxiousness in realizing that there is so much to do to get ready.  Maybe it's because the grandkids are older now (Aiden is ten, Rain and Noble are 2 1/2) and I want to make sure that I am part of making wonderful memories for them to take from childhood to adulthood.  So I began my shopping already and can't wait to watch them open their gifts. 

But, the memory making is not all about the presents wrapped in Christmas paper.  It's about the time spent with family.  As a young child I was surrounded by family that came every Christmas Eve to my grandmother's home.  With the tree all decorated with pretty lights and tinsel, with its base stacked high with gifts, we gathered first around the food-laden table to eat,
Grandma's table, 1967
then retreated to the living room where the gift exchange took place.  It was a magical time.  The windows were fogged up from the warmth of the room while the snow and cold was kept at bay outdoors. 

I miss those times.  Our family is scattered all over the country so those memories with food, fights, and laughter are all just in my head and heart.   

This year, however, we get to be together.  As I await the true beginning of the holiday season, the one that starts with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, I will remember those long-ago moments surrounded by people who are no longer near me, lost either to death, long-distance or discord. 

I can't wait to make some more memories!
Daughter Adrian on far left during a Christmas show, circa 1984

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