Monday, October 22, 2012

It's the Destination, but the Journey, too

As this blog was created as a way for me to chronicle my life’s journey past and present, I guess it’s time to share the beginning of a new adventure so readers are brought along with me.  For this is a new journey I am about to embark on and for me, the anticipation of what is to come and watching the adventure unfold is just as enjoyable as the arrival at my next destination. 

I love it when friends call or write to check in with me.  Recently, I’ve had several such communications and most of them ask, “So how is everything going?”  I realize with pleasure that my response is much more positive then it has been in the last year.  I’m doing great; not as busy as I’ve been and making some exciting plans for the future.”

The last year or so I had been having a rough time; I was feeling overwhelmed, panicky, depressed, and anxious all at once.  It all stemmed from my typical behavior of saying “yes” to everything.  In my defense I did so because I was seeing my career - that of an historian, begin to really take off.  Opportunities were coming at me from many outlets and I didn’t want to miss a one.  But, of course, I spread myself too thin and did too much and none of it well.  I began to wish I’d get sick just so I had an excuse to not do something, a sure sign that I needed to take stock of my situation. 

What had me so busy?  See my post Do I have a head big enough for all those hats? 

In addition, I took on my biggest project of all - Showgirls of Las Vegas, a pictorial history of that Las Vegas icon.  It took six months of research and writing. 

Now that’s it is fall, my favorite time of the year, I’m a little less stressed.  The book is now in the hands of the publisher and is scheduled to be available February 2013 from Arcadia Publishing.  My classes are running smoothly.  I waited until the last week to get a new class up and running, which caused me panic that I wouldn’t get it done, but it turned out better than expected.  So, I’ve lightened my work project load a little, although I feel a bit guilty that I have relegated some of my obligations to the back burner. 

What’s next is what really has me excited.  This spring I’m headed to the part of the country that John and I hope to settle in soon.  It’s not so easy to find jobs or a place to live sitting in front of a computer.  Maybe it works for some but for me I have the best luck with opportunity when I am where I want to be.  So, I’m heading north in a few months to check out places to live and work. 

That’s all I’ll share for now; don’t want to give it all away at once.  I will, however, keep posting about the steps taken to realize a dream I’ve long held – that of getting out of the desert and to a place where I am more content: where the seasons change four times a year, where the soil is rich and yielding, and where my soul finally feels at home.

And another journey begins………………….


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