Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Back............................

Happy Anniversary to Me and Las Vegas
This month makes twenty-five years that I will have lived in Las Vegas.  For someone who has a hard time settling down, I find it almost inconceivable that I have lived in one place for so long.  Granted, practically ever since I got here I have been trying to leave.  Twice I packed up and left, both times heading to my home in western New York, only to come back to Las Vegas.  In my head I’ve been far away from this desert I have called home for so long, but why is it that I have never, ever felt like I belong here?  
Heading to New York in 1992.  We stayed 6 months this time
What brought me here in the first place?  Like many others it was an opportunity. 
In 1987 I heard about a little zoo in Las Vegas that was looking to hire.  I sent my resume, which by that time was limited as I had not worked much in the animal field since I’d graduated from the EATM program in 1979.  I didn’t expect much but kept my fingers crossed.  Surprisingly, a phone call came and I was invited for an interview.  I was hired and my job was to be assistant director and zookeeper.  The promises made by the director of the zoo were grandiose and exciting.  However, they never came to fruition.  In fact, after one year I had to leave that job; for so many reasons it was not right for me and I gave notice.

We had already purchased our first home so it looked like we were here for a while.  Las Vegas in all of these years has been very good to John and I; we opened a business, John has moved up the ranks in the casino business, and I fulfilled many a dream: two college degrees, work as an archaeologist and finally, as a successful and busy historian who is doing a lot of local history. Career-wise, we have given a lot of ourselves to Las Vegas and she has rewarded us well. Even better than that, I have met so many amazing whose friendships have been my lifeline.

Our first business: Acres of Animals Pet Store, 1989

View of the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon
during one of an archeological surveys 
It’s been tough for me to live without certain things that I miss: rain, lush green vegetation, friendly neighbors, and family close by.But I see some great adventures in the near future; John and I are making plans and I feel invigorated about the prospect of change. Now that I’ve put some projects to rest and promised myself not to take on more than I can handle, I am back to writing my blog posts.

Stay tuned as I write the new chapters of my life. I think it’s going to be an interesting!

Bridge to Somewhere.........................

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