Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Progressive Resolution

I asked my husband what he would like to see or have happen in 2012.  It took him a minute to think about it, but before answering he asked me what I hoped for.  I said something peculiar: “Progress.”  When he finally answered he had more concrete goals: get our mortgage refinancing completed (it’s been taking months!). pay off his truck; you know, practical stuff. 

I’m still trying to figure out my response.

Progress.  What am I looking for progress on?  True, with the economic slump came a halt in our immediate plans to move to Oregon, but the dream is still alive; I haven't given up on that.

Employment for me has been spotty, with student enrollments causing cancellation of classes, leaving our finances on shaky ground.  Do I plan on making my work life more stable by finding a more secure job and income?  I am not ready for that commitment just yet, but it may be inevitable. 

Our property is coming along nicely.  We’ve expanded from around the perimeter of the house to plant trees, vegetables, and flowers on many more sections. 

Maybe I envision the progress I’m making on the grounds as part of my 2012 plan. 

Or, maybe that much-talked about European trip will finally take place.  I want to travel so badly.  There are so many places I have yet to see, even right here in my own country.  Maybe that’s what I’ll be concentrating on. 

Whatever my progress is, I’m excited about what will unfold in this new year. This picture of me and John on this New Year’s Eve

show a couple who have progressed from young marrieds to middle-agers on the cusp of their quarter-century together.  The progress of time shows on our faces, but the smiles haven’t faded; for that I am grateful. 

What do you see for yourself in 2012?  Whatever it is, I hope you attain it.  I also hope you have continued health and happiness. 

Keep checking my blog and I’ll keep you all updated on my Progress! 

in 2012.


Sweet Tea said...

Great thoughts and good goals.
My goal is to stay on track with homeschooling our 11th gr. Daughter, and to eat heqlthier and get more exercise. So unoriginal, but needful!

miruspeg said...

Lisa as long as your dreams are still alive and you keep persuing them I am sure progress will follow.

In 2012 I see myself travelling, connecting with new and wonderful people (also old friends), and sharing my blessings.

Keeping shining my dear friend.
Peggy xxxx

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

This economy has far reaching affects. Colleges and Universities keep rasining tuitions and these poor kids cannot afford to go. My middle daughter is working on her Masters so I know the costs are atrocious.

I'm with you on traveling. We have wanted to go to the UK for a couple of years. Instead we traveled to Charleston and Savannah, which I loved. Europe is in a big mess themselves. Guess I'll stay

Great pictures of the two of you, BTW.

Bonnie Joy said...

I think you should write your book this year. You're an amazing writer and more people need to be able to share in the "joy" of your prose! (Excuse the pun)

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I am not sure which "Bonnie Joy" cousin this is, but thank you so much for the comment. I am working on that book - but boy, does my life get in my way of my progress!

I loved the pun. Love you, too!