Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Rock and a Walk

I love taking walks.  Walks are not only good for exercise of the body; for me they are a way to work out things that are causing me distress.  When I am in need of such therapy, I take something along with me that helps focus my thoughts on positive outcomes to my worry. 

Worry stones have been around for a long time, but I have taken the concept a step further. 

As a rock collector I have an assortment of rocks of different shapes, sizes, colors, and origins. 

In many of the places I’ve visited I will look to the ground in search of a rock that “speaks” to me, one or more that really catches my eye and pocket it.  I’ve brought home rocks from my paternal grandfather’s village in Sicily, rocks from Native America Indian lands I’ve traveled through, rocks from my hometown in New York.  When people I know are going someplace I’ve never been, I ask them to please remember to bring back a rock for me; I may never get there myself.  I collect rocks that will remind me of a moment with someone I’ve shared a place with; in my collection is a rock that reads: Aiden Red Rock, March 2005,” gathered during a hike I took with Aiden when he was just 3-years-old. 

I feel an odd connection to things of the earth and you can’t get more “earthy” than a rock.  When I’m walking, I hold a rock that represents to me the person I am worried about or the thing I’m trying to work out. 

After my walk if I feel I need to concentrate even more, I will slip the rock in my bra, close to my heart and walk my day and sleep my nights with it there.  It helps me to focus my positive thoughts and energies to the thing I wish to change.

The pink rock was with me when I was praying Adrian would get away from the situation that was putting her and my grandchildren in danger (A Woman's Fight, A Woman's Grace); the rock with holes is a touchstone for anything I am concerned with; the striated one is helping me send grandson Aiden encouragement to make better choices.  The heart-shaped rock is just cool so I thought I'd share it. 

As I walk I rub the stone and I send a mantra of positive thoughts into the wind, hoping that my words and my intentions reach the ears and the hearts of those I am worried about.  I don’t know if my “magical thinking” works, but I have to say, it helps me cope.  And, I have seen my daughter come home safely; many of the worries I’ve had about work, money, life in general have worked themselves out (honestly, I didn’t put those holes in the rock with my rubbing!); and after a brisk rock and a walk I sleep better at night.  So, for me this method works.

More of my collection of rocks – these are just a few of them.

Anyone want to send me rocks from their location?  I’d love to receive them.

Anyone have a similar coping method?  I’d love to hear what you do. 

And, let me know if you try my “rock and a walk” idea and if it worked for you.


Sweet Tea said...

I loved seeing your rock collection and hearing the great stories. My husband and oldest daughter have always liked rock and been fascinated by the different types...My coping mechanism has always been scripture and prayer - that's what I learned as a child and it has never failed me.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I liked your rock show too. I've forgotten most of what I knew about the different types of rock. It's all interesting. Love the heart one. Just being out looking is a good stress reliever. I like walking the beach and looking for sea glass. that is calming too.

miruspeg said...

I LOVE your rock and walk idea have inspired me to give it a go!.
I usually collect feathers when I am out walking, so I will keep my eye out for interesting rocks too.

Sending positive thoughts into the wind, I believe is a very powerful way to direct healing energy to those we love. I also believe without a doubt it works!!

Keep shining my dear friend.
Peggy xxxxx