Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Got Nothing............ to say, that is

Can it be that I’ve run out of things to say?  For two days now I’ve sat with an open screen staring at a blank white page just waiting for an inspiration to write about.  The few times this has happened I have felt an obligation to write a post long overdue and checked out previously written posts in order to recycle one, figuring no one would notice.  But every time I’ve tried I just couldn’t bring myself to cheat like that and I’ve always come up with something to write about.  Seems I’m stuck right now with a post to write and nothing to say!
I’ve always been that kind of writer; when something strikes me I am inspired to write about it.  My past posts have often been written on the spur of the moment or when an idea yearns to get out of my head.  I’ve written about my childhood, parents, children, husband, getting older, garden, and the many idiosyncrasies that make up “Me.”  I almost feel as though I’ve said it all.  I even, for a brief moment, considered closing my blog up and putting my efforts into other formats of writing – maybe even ones that would actually make me some money, but I’m not ready for that step just yet.
So, dear readers, bear with me as I post this boring message as I await the inspiration that will prompt another delightful installment of This Gioia’s Chronicles.  In the meantime, allow me to share a photo or two to make your stopping by a little worth it. 

Sometimes this is just how I feel!

Until I think of something really funnny!

And remember that I have so much, and so many to be grateful for

That it's okay to have an off-day once in a while!

Because seriously, Life is Good.

Until next time…… Peace and Happiness to All.

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miruspeg said...

Sending you peace, happiness and inspiration too Lisa.
Blogging is a strange phenomenon! Sometimes I wonder why I blog because I feel it is a waste of time but every time I think that thought I am inspired by a blogger or have an interesting thought myself, so now I go with the flow and don't beat myself up about it.
Peggy xxxxxx