Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrities Might Be Selling It, But I'm Not Buying

Have your shopping habits changed much since the economy took a nose dive?  Do you still drive as often and as far as you used to, or is gas usage been reserved for work and no play?  While my household is well aware of the money crunch, we haven’t suffered too much as we have pretty much lived a frugal lifestyle, a habit instilled in me from my upbringing and out of necessity, but most of all because I don’t like, excuse the pun, buying into commercialism; which is why I wish I could institute a boycott of celebrity-driven marketing tactics. 

When I see mega-millionaires on commercials or in print ads urging consumers to buy everything from hair product to diet aids, I get really pissed.  Like Eva Longoria buys mascara or hair color off the shelf at WalMart.  Especially in this economy when people are struggling to feed their families and keep creditors at bay, celebrities are raking in even more money reaching out to those gullible enough to believe that if works for Kim Kardashian, it will work for them. 

I applaud those in London that pulled advertising with airbrushed images of actress Julia Roberts and model Christy Turlington (see L'Oreal rapped for airbrushed...) and praise Dove for placing women with curves in their marketing campaigns. 

Am I just a disgruntled middle-age woman or does anyone agree with me?  Do you, on principle, avoid buying products hawked by celebrities?  If so, where are you finding them because everything it seems has a name and a face to it.  Maybe it’s time to find and buy our products from independent companies and send the message to corporations that we just aren’t “buying” their propaganda anymore. 

Anyone with me?


Sweet Tea said...

You make a good point, one I really haven't given much thought...I seldom see a commercial because I mostly watch TV programs which I have TiVo'd - I FF thru commercials. I don't think I'm the least bit influenced by Star endorsements, but that is probably because I'm older. However, I do get ticked when celebs get a lot of attention for giving a large amount to charity. The fact is that most of us give to charity and what they give is usually no larger a percentage of their income than what the average person gives. I'm with ya' friend.

Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

I haven't banned products for endorsements, but neither do I believe them. I know my eyelashes are not going to look that great (fake ones) because I use a certain mascara. That's just like the ads for any fast food place. They never look like the picture either. The sandwiches are flat with a whimpy tomato and some wilted lettuce.

miruspeg said...

Lisa I feel very lucky because advertisements don't seek into my psyche as I usually switch off when the ads come on TV.
But I guess others aren't so lucky and are influenced by what celebrities endorse.
Dove is the product I use and I am really happy they are using women with curves in the marketing campaigns.

Peggy xxxx

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Thanks to all that have shared their thoughts on this topic. I am also one who avoids commercials. My daughter pointed out that the "mute" button on our remote is the one with the words faded from overuse.

My biggest peeve is that celebrities make so much money to begin with and then they make even more touting products you just know they don't use.