Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who's Lucky?

I have been fortunate to have had many loves in my life, of the four-legged kind.  Dogs have played a central role in every year I’ve lived, from small to large, I can’t recall a time when I haven’t been in the company of a dog.

My father owned dogs, German Shepards, and my aunt, his sister, claims he owned the first white German Shepard in the area where we lived.  The first dog I can recall from childhood was Princess, a Border Collie, and since her I’ve owned that breed time and again.  I can recall every single dog I’ve had the privilege of knowing. 

"Peanut," my first all-mine dog. We played hide 'n seek with the mailbox.

I got "Babe" right after arriving in California.
He was lost on the wedding night to my first husband - an omen, maybe?

"Bo" was the first dog John (my second husband) and I loved and lost together.

"Tiffany" and "Dusty"

"Cochise" the dog that broke our hearts when it was his time


To date, there are four that make their home with me and my husband:

Maya, a Mini-Pincher/Shitzu mix at 6 weeks

Grubb, a funny-looking Jack Russell

Candy, Pit Bull
Lucky, breed unknown. 

It’s Lucky that I’m going to write about as today is our Lucky Anniversary. 

One year ago today he came into my life.  I wrote about his rescue in a two-part blog: Animal Heaven I & II.  I wanted to provide an update on the year of Lucky.

Generally, young dogs are hyper and destructive, requiring a great deal of training and vigilance to keep them out of trouble.  While Lucky is a healthy and active dog, there is a calmness to him that is usually found in older dogs.  As I write this he sits to the side of my chair, his preferred spot whenever I’m working at the computer.  Once he figured out that he was indeed big enough to jump, he found his way onto our bed and enjoys snoozing curled up by my side. 

I have enjoyed watching his growth and development (within three months he went from 7 lbs. to 35 lbs!) and marveled at his unique personality.  I love this dog. 

When we first got him I had every intention of placing him in a new home. At the time we already had four dogs (Zeke has since been put down)

and another was just not in my plans.  I tried to find a home for him: friends, Facebook appeals, the local animal societies, but in the end I knew he was destined to be with us.  I could still hear my grandson, Aiden, saying, “Nana, we should name him Lucky because he was lucky we found him,” so how could I let him go? 

Aiden and his pal, Lucky, September, 2010
The thing is, every time I look at him, my heart breaks just a little more.  Why?  Because I worry about all the dogs, especially his litter mates, that I can’t save.  When I look into Lucky’s eyes I see that desperate plea that was there when I plucked him, all flea, tick and worm infested, starving and dehydrated, and know there are so many more out there just like him. 

I know I can't save them all, but it's a hard reality to accept. 

His name is Lucky, but the truth is, I'm the Lucky One. 

Bedtime (yep, there are two humans under those covers!)
(Borrowed from the website)


Just Stuff From a Boomer said...

Love the picture at the end. That and Aiden pretty much sums it up doesn't it. You're right, who could say no to that little face?

When my daughters were in preschool, a very calculating (I should say "smart") mother brought little kittens for Show & Tell. Of course my 3 year old met me at the door with one in her arms and a pleading expression on her face. Yes, we kept it.

Desert Muse said...

Beautiful post, Lisa. You know how I feel about this subject. ;) I'm so glad that you found Lucky ... and that he found you. And so happy to read the update.
Like I said before, you truly are an angel.