Monday, June 27, 2011

Waiting Room

Guess I'll have to get used to waiting.

Went to the appointment with my doctor so she could tell me why my recent mammogram has had me summoned. I had a pretty busy weekend so didn't have much of a chance to ponder the possibilities and listening to a book on tape driving to the appointment kept me occupied.  Once in the waiting room and then the consultation room, my tummy started that churning I get whenever I have to do a public speech or take a test I dread.  My doctor, Martha Drohobyczer, is wonderful; hence she is very busy.  So, it took her awhile to get to me.  When she does, she is always thorough and spends as much time with you as needed. 

What she said is that a dense area on my left breast had changed from a 2008 examination.  It needs to be checked out.  So, another five days from now I will have a more extensive (more radiation is how Martha explained it) mammogram, as well as an ultrasound.

Ninety percent of these follow-ups turn out just fine,” my doctor assured me.  We just want the report to come back clear.”

Sounds good to me.

But, I will have more waiting to do. 

I have the mammogram film copies I asked for from my recent exam so I am going to check them out and see if I can find what alerted them.

In the meantime, I have a very busy life to attend to so there won’t be much room for worry.

But for a person like me, waiting is excruciating!  I just want to know what I’m dealing with so I can do just that – deal with it. 

I felt such a connection with women these past days and hours, knowing that the phone call flagging me that all was not right is a call none of us wants to receive.  Waiting for the doctor to tell us her concerns is another event we hope to avoid.  While each of us has to endure the fears all alone in our minds, it is comforting to know that we all share something and that in reality, none of us is alone.  Not when it comes to the thought we will be taken from our families too soon.  That knowledge gives me much comfort.  And I plan on being one of the ninety percent – a rank I will share with many others. 


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Sounds like they could have easily told you that much over the phone and then had you come in to the office for the further tests. But then they wouldn't be able to bill your insurance company. What a racket.

I agree--you'll be in the 90 percent of the lucky ones. And so we wait...

Sweet Tea said...

Waiting is a lonely sport.
I'm waiting for test results too (of a different type, but equally serious). I'm gonna pray we both get great news!
(((HUGS))). I truly "know what your feeling".