Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have Food, Will Can

Since I took a recent Master Canning class, one that would teach me how to preserve food by water bath or pressure cooker canning, I have been putting food up like the end of the world is happening next week. 

My family and friends are looking at me like I’m manic or something.  I don’t blame them; I have been a bit obsessed with it.  For the past two weeks I’ve canned beets, cauliflower, meat, salsa, and jam.  I can’t wait for more produce to be in season and in abundance.  I told my husband he needs to dig me a root cellar because frankly, I don’t know where I’m going to store all this. 

Why am I going through all this trouble when I could just as easily go to a wide variety of grocery stores within a mile radius of my house?  It’s because I have to. 

John and I hardly ever have meals together anymore.   His work schedule is not conducive to family meal times as he usually is home well after the dinner hour.  My kids aren’t home anymore so I don’t have the responsibility for cooking for them.  I love to bake but cookies, homemade bread and pies aren’t good for my middle-aged waistline so I avoid that domestic task.  The thing is I love to create in the kitchen.  Check out Domestic Goodness and Making Memories in the KitchenIf I can’t make meals or baked goods, I have to do something.  And I love the idea of making foods that I know exactly what goes in and how fresh they are.  Canning seems to be a perfect fit for me.

I come from people who created family life around food and the dining room table. 

John and I watch the Tom Selleck show, Blue Bloods and every time their brood sits around their table for their regular Sunday meal, I cry. 
I miss family meals so much!  I don’t even have a dining room in my house; just a counter with four tall chairs.  John and I, and even our occasional guests usually end up sitting at the coffee table to take our meals.

So, my creative, domestic outlet is being satisfied by making pretty things in glass jars. 

If life gives you lemons (or your kids do because their backyard tree is full of them),

 make lemonade – then can it!

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Kathy said...

I understand your joy in canning. I did a lot of it when my family was young. Nothing smells better in the winter months than opening a fresh home made jar.

My mother passed away 4 years ago and that did in all the big family get togethers. She was the glue. Then Terry and I moved 1000 miles from our girls and grandsons, for his job. I too watch Blue Bloods and can relate to the family meal time. But you and I have it to remember. That's a sweet memory.