Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 100th Post to Me - and a new idea!

As many of my blog readers know, I’ve been planning on an exodus from Las Vegas.

Just read past posts like "Happiness is in the Eye of the Beholder" and "There's no Place Like Home".

I would have thought it would have happened by now; I told my husband when we purchased our current home, “Fine! I’ll move there but we are only staying 2 years!” That was six years ago, come this May. With the current economic status and the housing market, it doesn’t look like we are getting out of town any time soon. So, I’ve made my mind up to find the best of Las Vegas and learn to appreciate it as my, I can’t believe I’m saying this, home town.

It’s not that I don’t know how the great things about Las Vegas, I do; it’s just it’s not the kind of place I ever saw myself in for long. But, here I am and ever the optimist, I've decided to find out the best of Las Vegas. Negativity has never been my style and I expect this project will improve my attitude significantly and make the waiting much easier to bear.

I came up with this idea months ago and have gone a few adventures since. My intent was to start another blog, one titled “Leaving Las Vegas: the best of what I’m leaving behind” or something like that. However, the prospect of starting a whole new blog and keeping up on it just didn’t appeal to me. In fact, I started to hyperventilate, a condition I am prone to when I get overwhelmed with gotta-dos. Instead of a separate blog, I am going to add a blog a week (or two, we’ll see how it goes) exclusively for highlighting Las Vegas and its hidden treasures.

It is appropriate, as well, as this blog posting is my 100th post! That’s cause for celebration because I have a really hard time sticking with things; just read my post, ADHD and My Family Tree.  As I hope to have a book written and published sometime before my foot step into my grave, this blog was, and is, a way for me to approach the work in small, do-able bites. Once again I have a great friend who believes in me to thank for pushing me to write a blog, check out this talented, funny, and generous women, Linda Lou. She’s a hoot and saw something in me that I couldn’t see myself; talent and something worthwhile to say. I told Linda that she is going to be at the top of my book’s acknowledgment page, a promise I hope to keep soon.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on, it’s time to share a few of my Las Vegas experiences. Stay tuned for more to come. 

Great band playing at the Paris Hotel and Casino, 10-2010
Meeting Mr. Tony Curtis (June, 2010).  He kissed my hand!
Getting invited to see The Shades of Sinatra tribute group, 2-2011
Night before Halloween on the Las Vegas Strip - really!


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