Thursday, January 6, 2011

Empty Nest, Full Heart

It's been eight months since I welcomed my two new grandchildren, Rain and Noble, into the family.

They join eight-year-old Aiden and my life could not be more blessed.            
Getting to this juncture has not always been easy, but love has made any obstacles, fears, and worries pale in comparison to the joy of watching my babies' babies grow.

Aiden is getting older, is no longer as willing to cuddle next to me, to think my words are unchallengeable; that's why it's so wonderful to have new babies who need to be held, kissed, snuggled with, and who smile at the very presence of you. 

Oh, how I missed my babies when they'd become all grown up, but this chance to love their offspring makes up for it tenfold. 

Each one of my daughters approaches motherhood in their own unique way.  Erin is by-the-book, follows doctors' orders without question, and worries about all the things first-time moms worry about.  Adrian, who has already done such an admirable job with her first son, a third grader who has just tested for the Gifted and Talented program in his school and is reading at a fifth-grade level (testament of her nurturing) is much more at ease in her role as mother to her second child. 

She has excellent help, too; Aiden adores his little brother and takes his role very seriously.  When I asked him recently if he wished he'd had a brother a little older to play with, he said that Noble was "perfect just the way he is."  Seems Noble feels the same and lights up every time his brother makes those funny faces at him.

The sisters, who were never as close as I would have liked, neither in childhood nor adulthood, have developed a beautiful bond due to their shared motherhood experiences.  They help one another out with the care of one another's children and all the things that need to be taken care of.  The babies, too, are developing a beautiful bond as they are just three weeks apart in age and have been together from the beginning. 

Just as their moms have different personalities and parenting styles, the children are expressing their own unique personalities, as well.  Rain, docile and sweet, loves food, can put herself to sleep without fuss, and makes few demands.  Noble is quite the opposite.  A screamer from the start, he lets his wants known loud and clear.  He chatters a lot and is very much a mamma's boy.


The two babies are very entertaining.  So far, there has been no issue over the possession of toys; they play very well together.  Just wait until they understand the concept of "mine!"

For the moment my life is quiet.  It's empty-nest here at my house as the holiday visits are over.  While I relish the extra time I have to myself, I miss the kids and the commotion terribly.  Looks like another trip to the "Full House" is in order soon.

In the meantime, my rocking chair sits in the corner looking as desolate as my heart feels.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Your grandkids are gorgeous-- All of them. Hope you all get to be together again soon.

My first great-niece was born this year and oh the joy she's brought to our family. She's 2500 miles away but I've gotten to see her twice so far and when I do-- I'm a total baby hog.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011. Cheers, jj

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

Thanks, Joanna! Nice to hear from you. Hope you get to see your niece soon.