Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I am back in western New York for a quick visit. Arriving late last night I didn’t get to see the glorious fall colors from my airplane, but had my first cup of coffee on a damp porch with autumn leaves gently falling all around me. There are people to see and places to visit, but frankly, the only thing I want to do is walk in the woods. I mentioned that to my friend, Kathy, and told her if she doesn’t hear from me later today to send out a search party; not kidding, I have a tendency to get lost easily.

But getting lost in the woods of western New York wouldn’t be so bad because it beautiful and peaceful. Being here and walking among the overgrown landscape, the old growth trees, and seeing wildlife brings back so many memories. I used to spend hours alone in the woods; every season brought a different look and experience. Spring is when everything new comes back to life: buds on the trees, greenery poking through the last pockets of snow and creatures relishing the warmer days. Summer you fight off the mosquitoes but can harvest medicinal herbs and gather material for wild crafts. In the fall, all you have to do is be present; your senses take over and in the winter the snow mutes all sound and you feel as though you are in a fairy land.

I’ve already visited one cemetery; the one where my grandmother is buried.

As I walked among the headstones I saw familiar names, names I recall from high school or people I remember knowing as a child. In an upcoming blog I will elaborate on my hobby of cemetery trolling. After that I went to my favorite out-of-the-way restaurant; Salvania’s in Batavia. Their pasta sauce is as good as mine so my tummy is nice and full.

Next, the Holland Land Office Museum to renew my membership. It’s a great little museum that deserves so much support so it can be showcased the way such a historic landmark should be. Now, I’m at the library checking in with my college students; my vacations are working vacations.

Grubb is the cutie-pie on the left
The rest of the trip is going to be great. An auction today, pizza and wine with family tonight. Tomorrow a estate sale (You don’t know great finds and deals until you’ve been to an auction or estate sale in these small towns!), dinner at an historic home turned Bed and Breakfast, then Friday – Amish Country! Last time I went through Amish Country I came home with my little dog, Grubb. Wonder what I’ll find this time around.

In between all of this place-hopping I need to see some people. I won’t get to see them all and I’ll pay the price for that, but I’ll do the best I can. In the meantime, stay tuned because being here inspires a lot of topics to write about and so I think my blog will have plenty of postings in the next few days.

It’s good to be “home!”

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Donna B said...

I love walking in the woods too. Have a great trip and look forward to hearing more about it. What part of New York?