Friday, August 27, 2010

Animal Heaven - Part II

This is part two of Animal Heaven.  To read part one, click here

About five years ago I incorporated a non-profit in Nevada: Acres of Animals, Inc. My intent was to provide a sanctuary for animals that were abused and neglected or to care for them until a suitable home could be found. I never followed through, however, in getting the non-profit tax status filed. I am rectifying that and have started the process of doing so now. That way I can solicit donations and do fundraising to help the animals I just know are in my future that need rescuing. Once in place I plan on using this happy, healthy puppy to help me educate and inform.

Going to places like the Indian reservation and other poverty-stricken communities, Acres of Animals will provide services to help people treat their animals more humanely. To that end, education is a must and I know just where to start: the young people. Perhaps they are like I used to be, innately drawn to animals and their desire to help them is instinctual. Convince the young people and they will elicit the change that is needed.

So I will ask forgiveness of my faithful blog readers. I promised myself I would never use my blog as a way to generate income using ads to do so. But I think this experience warrants a change of mind. I will at some point in the near future provide a link to accept donations on behalf of the animals I take in. Anyone interested in providing a good home to one, please let me know.

My grandson, Aiden, with me at the time of the puppy’s rescue thought long and hard on what to name him. He came up with the name, “Lucky,” because he reasoned, “He was lucky we came by when we did.” I’m pretty sure that we are the lucky ones.
Initiation into thePack
Video taken in 8-27-10, 11 days after rescue
In the video is "Lucky" with Candy (pit bull I think reminds the puppy of his mother, Mya and Ivy.  Another dog, Grubb, is not interested in welcoming the new addition) 



Ann Marquez said...

Lisa, we are soul sisters. Oh the stories I could share with you! (St. Francis is my saint also. I have a statue of him on my front porch ... another story.)
And you are so right about trying to make a difference by starting with the children. I've thought about the very same thing, taking that approach to make a difference.
Living in Henderson I was so removed from the poor neglected animals you encountered here in the desert South West. Although I know you live in a different area than I did, more in Vegas, right? I know exactly what you are talking about and what you experienced on your trip.
Oh we have to talk, girl. In the meantime, God bless you. You most certainly are an angel. Keep me in the loop!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you should have your animal sanctuary because you are an animal angel. God has already blessed you with the ability and knowledge to care for the animals that come to you, so this sanctuary is just a way to see your dream unfold.

God bless you.