Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And She's Off

I am getting the itch again. I want to travel and I am feeling that anxious restlessness that makes me long for adventure on the road, overseas, or just across the country. If you have followed my blog, you might remember my aborted cross-country trip last July. In my cute little Scion, loaded with one grandson, two dogs, and a trunk full of clothes, I made it just over the Kansas-Missouri border when I turned around and headed back to Las Vegas. Since then, the only trips I have made are the ones to California and back to see my daughters and their new babies. This summer I have big plans to travel and hopefully I will accomplish at least some of them.

In two weeks I will be free from teaching in the classroom and will only have online classes, which I can teach from anywhere I have Internet access. In addition to the frequent trips to southern California, I want to go to New York; I haven’t been home in 2 ½ years. I want to go to Oregon to scope out possible job opportunities and to look for our retirement property. John wants to go visit the northern California property he and his brothers invested in and Europe is calling out for me to come again. I also wish I could make a trip to the southeastern United States to do historical research. I have been teaching History 101 and we just finished up the Civil War section and I so want to visit the historic sites there. It doesn’t help that I’ve been watching the PBS documentary film, The Civil War and the television shows about tracing family histories.

The summer is just so long and I have two new grandbabies and two overwhelmed daughters, I doubt I am going very far over the next few months, but I can dream can’t I?

April 2010 brought into the world my newest loves:
Rain Catharine and Noble Carter

The travel bug hit me early on in life when I left home soon out of high school and discovered the adventures that come with visiting new places.

This little teardrop trailer was just perfect, small but very self-contained

I have never been fearful of the unknown, have often figured things out once I got there, and knock on wood have never had a bad experience.

I lived in this in this for a time when I spent a year in Oregon

My animals make great travel companions.
This is Babe with me on the Applegate River in Oregon, 1979

I love discovering the treasures of new places: regional food, people, and the area’s historic background. One of my favorite places to visit is the local cemetery where I can walk the grounds for hours paying silent tribute to those who have taken up permanent residence in the town where I’m just passing through.

Heaven help my husband who has to stay behind and hold down the fort while I am feeding my wanderlust. We have animals to feed, water and pay attention to.  I take two of the dogs with me when I can. There are plants and trees to water, especially during the summer in Las Vegas where one day missed can bring about the demise of our entire landscape efforts. But John is used to my need for a change of scenery. While he many not express an enthusiastic “Bon Voyage” he does give his blessing with a “See you soon.”

So it’s time for me to plan the next few months out. Stay tuned for my posts from the road, or the plane or the boat; who knows where and how I’ll get to where my next adventure awaits.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hmmm... sooner or later, I'm going to have to drive back to Vegas. Maybe I can pick you up in western New York on the way? You can fly out and drive back with me! What do you say? Huh?

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

A Linda Lou and Lisa road trip? The trouble we could get into! What a great idea!