Monday, March 1, 2010

Rant and Rave

I have started out my Monday mad as Hell.  The first day of a very busy week and now I have a crappy attitude that I hope I can change so I'm not a real drag to be around all day. 

It all started with a frick'n 2:00 AM text message on my phone.

What is WRONG with people that they think its okay to send messages or to call someone in the middle of the night?  My phone is on my nightstand because I have people in the world that, God forbid, may NEED me in case of emergency.  Two daughters, three brothers, and close friends whom I would jump out of bed in a heartbeat for and go to their aid.  Not a "Call me in the morning, I need to talk to you about a problem in my relationship" or a drunken "Happy Thanksgiving, I love all my family and friends!"  And what is it about 2:00 in the morning?  Is that the magic hour that inspires people to "reach out and touch someone?"

I am not a deep sleeper, never have been but these days, with the big "M" on my middle-age horizon and the chaos that is my life right now, sleep is a luxury that I get very little time for.  I'm lucky to get a full seven hours a night; I have no recollection of sleeping more than that in many months.  So people need to stop contacting me in the middle of the night unless it is a true life-or-death emergency - and I BETTER not get one of those; I can't handle that right now- or ever.

Perhaps it's my poor, lack-of-sleep attitude but reading my local paper this morning has me seething.

Some local residents here in Las Vegas are having a really hard time, just as I know people are experiencing all over the country. Unable to make their meager paychecks stretch, those interviewed for the article confess they are going hungry in order to pay the utilities and medical bills.  A few pages later is a piece highlighting all the goodies that celebrities are are showered with in the "gift salons" provided for them during this awards week.

I think it's time for a movement to put "stars" and pseudo-celebrities in their place - out of the spotlight and into an unemployment line.  The outrageous salaries (Harry Potter star Emma Watson, 19-years-old makes 30 million dollars?) and the fawning and drooling over them because they are famous has to stop!  I get really pissed off when a charity uses a celebrity to encourage us regular people to open our wallets and fund their programs.  We can't afford it and they can; just say "no" to the celebrity gift bags and tell the sponsors to put the money toward the charity they are the spokesperson for.

Whew!  The rant is over.  Boy, does that feel good to get it all out.  Although I've always been an optimist, preferring to see the proverbial "silver lining" in everything I've noticed I have a much lower tolerance level for things.  Perhaps, like lack of sleep it's another side effect to the coming physical, hormonal, and emotional changes I'm in for.  Come to think of it, many old people I know are kinda cranky.  I'm not old yet, but is the start of the downward spiral into misery and bitchiness?  I hope not.

However, maybe there is some good in blowing off steam every now and then.  If that's the case then prepare yourselves for an occasional Rant-Fest via my blog. 

Now, on with my day!


L.T. Elliot said...

Hey, somedays, you just need to get it out of your system. And I agree with you about the charity/gift salon thing. They should donate to that and not fawn all over celebrities.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I hope you are having a better day.