Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Then There Were Three

My second daughter, Adrian is due to give birth to her own second child in a little over a month’s time. She is Mom to 7-year-old Aiden, who I have written about from time to time. “Aiden better enjoy being the only grandchild because soon he won’t be getting all the attention,” she said.

In addition to her child’s impending arrival, her sister, Erin is due to give birth to her first child just a few weeks ahead of Adrian. Two grandbabies in the space of a month! I will be busy, for sure.
Erin and Adrian with baby bumps

But, Aiden will never, ever take second place. As I told Adrian, “I have enough love to go around.”

I wonder, though, how Aiden will receive his little brother. The two won’t be close in age, but that will balance out over the years. I envision Aiden as a protective older brother

but one with the questionable sense of humor he inherited from his mom.

I called Adrian recently and told her she might want to consider changing the name she had picked out for her unborn. Aiden came up with a nickname already for Carter – “Carter Farter.” Cute, huh? That’s a little boy for you, I guess. It probably won’t matter what name the baby carries, his big brother is sure to find a boatload of nicknames that will be used to annoy, harass, pick-on, and intimidate his younger sibling.  That’s what they do, right?

From the moment I met Aiden, two days after his birth, he had my heart. His smile is contagious

and has gotten him out of trouble numerous times. It will also be used, I’m sure, to win the hearts of many of the opposite sex someday, that is, when he can stop being grossed out by the mere mention of “girls.” Aiden is a boy through and through. I say this because, having raised two daughters, I see the difference between the two genders.

He loves loud things: sounds like explosions, toy car crashes, and banging. He expresses himself with loud grunts, growls, and yells. He needs to be on the move constantly. His mother bemoans, “Where does he get all that energy? I am exhausted!” Right now, as he tries to play a computer game he is jumping out of his skin; in between game moves he jumps onto the couch and bounces about, accompanying his actions with all sorts of expressive words and sounds. He is a healthy, active boy.

Adrian is already preparing herself for having two boys on her hands; and she thinks she is tired now. For me, I am beside myself with anticipation for the two newest arrivals. Aiden has nothing to worry about; he is and will always be the first and enjoy all that comes with that special status. Just as he is an amazing little boy, I know he is going to be an amazing big brother and cousin. As Nana, I get to sit back and watch. Well, that’s what I think I’ll be doing. I’m pretty sure there will a lot of rocking, snuggling, and toddler chasing in my future. What more could a Nana want?


L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations! Two new babies and one already excellent grandson. Sounds like you're all wrapped up in Nana-Heaven. =]

Anonymous said...

I agree. Congratulations!

Donna B said...

When I was expecting my second, I sat with my daughter, playing with her Weebles and Little People and I explained how she was soon going to be the best big sister in the world. We had the Dad and Mom go to the hospital and come home with the baby and the big sister was so much help. I also got her a baby to nurse, when I was nursing her sister after she arrived. All in all, my oldest daughter is still expremely protective over her younger sister.

Congrats Nana! :) When I did the same thing with my grandsons, when the older was soon to have a baby brother...we took his StarWars figures and went throught the same thing. Another success...no sibling rivalry.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, congratulations! What delightful news!! You will have the time of your life with the arrival of two so close together! Have a fabulous week! And best wishes to both "moms in waiting" ;-) ~Janine XO

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

My experience with these kinds of age gaps is that the older becomes like a second parent. In any event, enjoy being a grandma again ... and again. Wishing you a happy Easter.

Laura said...

I just can't wait for my boys to be able to play with Aiden. It will be a perfect match!