Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dance with "Me"

I’m not really big on exercise. When I was younger, before the middle-age spread hit, I never had to partake in regular exercise; I really was one of those gifted ones who ate constantly and didn’t gain. That’s because I was, as a fellow high school friend whose name I have forgotten, called me “spastic.” At the time the label stung because I thought it made me weird or something, but I came to realize it was meant to describe my overzealous approach to life – I never sat still.

I still don’t sit still much but things have slowed down; my metabolism mainly, which has resulted in a new approach to my health. Either I learn to embrace exercise as a regular part of my routine, or I learn to embrace the new “me.” No thanks. So exercise at the gym and on my living room floor is my new best friend. I really dislike the cardio part of my workouts; the running, fast walking, spinning, but always feel great afterward with sweat running down my forehead, my face flushed.

My favorite part of working out is stretching. I have always been drawn to Yoga, attending classes on and off for years.

Actually, I have always been a stretcher – laying a blanket down on a hard surface and moving every part of my body. That feels good. I discovered that I make lots of sounds during this activity; groans, moans and sighs from my mouth, cricks and snaps from my body. Holding a pose or working through a movement is kind of like a dance, and when I allow my mind to let go I really find myself in concert with myself; listening to the music I make and feeling the flow as my body goes through the motions.

My dancing opportunities are few and far between these days; life is just too full of other obligations to head to a venue, and besides, I don't stay up that late.  I guess in between those rare chances where I can rock out on a real dance floor with a real partner, I will enjoy the company of my new dance partner - Me.


Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'll always dance with you! Twist my arm!

Donna B said...

Lisa, I have meaning to ask you, did you create your blog, or did CUTEST BLOGBLOCK.com do it? Would you mind sharing how you did it, or any info you have? I am not a lover of exercise either...having been very inconsistent in anything I try...but since I got Izzy, she gets me out daily for one to two walks a day.

gaelikaa said...

Yoga is great. Even at eighty, my yoga practising father-in-law is still supple! Loved this post!

Alix said...

Love this post, Lisa. And I'm a little bit envious that you actually like stretching! For me that's the hardest part. But I'm going to follow your cue and put in some extra time today suppling up my muscles!

I also came to the middle-age spread dilemma and decided to do something about it. I exercise almost every day and am beginning to enjoy it. Not so much fun walking 90 minutes in the Florida August heat, but that's what they make treadmills for, I guess. But the best exercise is stuff you enjoy. Makes it easier to do with some vigor and gusto! My favorite things to do beside walking and hiking are biking and swimming - but dancing is the best. You reminded me that I haven't danced in a long while. Today perhaps.


Harnett-Hargrove said...

Yes, if stretching were a cardio workout we'd have it made. I too, practice yoga, and for many ears, but have never gotten to the pretzel level I feel I should be....but if it doesn't hurt, chances are, your doing it wrong. -Jayne

Alan Burnett said...

I am not very good at exercise - certainly not the working out or the stretching. I walk the dog but that isn't enough to stop my waistline expanding so I have to revert to not eating. And that's no fun. Perhaps I should try stretching after all.

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I'm looking forward to hearing back from all of you that your stretchiing has changed your life! I think I'm surprised to read that some don't enjoy stretching too much; just think of the great feeling of that first big stretch in the morning when you roll out of bed.

MaLou Silverman said...

Inspiring post. Some of my friends are in yoga, and had been encouraging me. There are no yoga classes near our place, that's my excuse :)

I do treadmill exercises and Tae Bo, though.

I agree I have I have to do more stretching. Maybe I get taller too, ar at least I won't shrink that fast.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm a big stretcher-- it's the cardio that I dislike. But without it things get pretty W I D E.

Turning the music up and dancing to Elvis or good old Rock and Rock when no one is home is pretty fun too.


Sniffles and Smiles said...

And dancing without a partner is a beautiful art!!! Like ballet! Oh, what wonderful thoughts in this post! You inspire me to do something other than run (my chosen form of exercise)...something more aesthetically satisfying...yes, dancing sounds perfect! Love the beautiful blog background...your blog just keeps getting lovelier!!! And I didn't think that was possible! You are so creative!!! Love it!!! ~Janine XO