Monday, September 14, 2009

It's the Blogging Life for Me

I am a lazy writer. I have dreamt of having a book with my name on the cover for 30 years, but the most I can boast is that I was paid $76.00 when I had a piece published in New Moon Magazine. Unfortunately, I used a pseudonym because the nature of the work was very personal. I have had a few other things published in local newspapers and my fiction short was once published in a college literary magazine; other than that I have been a fly-by-night author. My problem isn’t lack of ideas, for I am sure I have a bestseller or two in me (what aspiring writer doesn’t), it’s I have no discipline for the real work it takes to be a writer.

My most successful writing has come from a spur of the moment, inspired need to exorcise some strong emotional turmoil within me. I can write a 2,500 word piece in one sitting if I’ve got the right motivation. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how much turmoil one wants in life), that doesn't happen too often. When it does and I have a body of work I feel is publishable, the process of getting it in print is another story.

That’s the other part of the writing business I have no patience for. Researching publishers, finding the right niche for the specific piece, preparing a query letter and the stamped self-addressed envelope, mailing and then waiting are too much for my ADHD self. That is why I am thrilled beyond words (unless you take this posting as such) with the Blogging World.

In the span of just a few short months I have fulfilled a desire that I honestly believed to be out of my reach. Not only am I writing on a consistent basis but I am getting recognition, just the motivation I need to keep me writing. It all started with the nagging of a new friend (Linda Lou), herself a writer and avid blogger, who insisted that a blog was what I needed to be writing. I resisted for months than thought I’d give it a run.

At first I was hesitant to put my work out there for the world at large to read. I never had the confidence that my writing was worthy; my fear was that my grammar (I am a compulsive comma user) and lack of creativity was at the root of my anxiety. My friend's words that blogs are more forgivable than professional publication eased my mind. I remember thinking I’d be nervous that anyone would happen upon my site; that is until I wrote a few posts and hit publish. Once I posted I felt my confidence boost and actually could not wait for people to find me. Then they did.

Since I began blogging in May 2009 I have been showered with recognition, albeit to a small, yet admirable degree. I have followers! – people out in the world that find my site worth stopping by. For an impatient person like me that instant recognition is all that’s needed to keep the flow of words coming. There have also been sites that have chosen me for a post of the day nomination (, reprinting of specific posts (, and one that has approached me to publish my blog on their site ( My confidence in my writing is greater than ever and I am realizing a dream.

The most important thing is, however, is what the writing process does for me. Writing has been and continues to be a therapeutic release. When I write I become jubilant and giddy, I have energy and feel a sense of lightness. Who wouldn’t want that feeling? For no other reason than that I will continue to post to my blog.

If, by some stroke of luck, I have the chance someday to inspire others with a hardbound copy of my work I will have fulfilled a lifelong dream. However, if my only outlet is a blog, I believe that will be okay, too. It’s the writing that counts. The acknowledgment is the icing on the cake, but, oh how good it is!


Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, Lisa, I love it when people do what I tell them to do. If only the rest of the world would follow your example...

Seriously, I am SO proud of you! You have wonderful stories to tell and I'll be behind you every step of the way toward publication.

I love you, dear friend!


Alan Burnett said...

Blogging provides a means for so many of us to say some of the things we have always wanted to say, to share memories and to tell stories. The fact that there is an international community out there reading each others work and encouraging each other is an added bonus. Why not collect together some of your favourite posts and publish them via something like Lulu. It is very easy (and very cheap).

glnroz said...

You do have a lot for us to read and enjoy. It is a strange phenomenon isn't it. I think I came to your site through Suzanne. I too have little disipline with the routine of it. I have long had an idea of writing some things just for my girls but never "got the time". I am going to take my posts, someday,,lol, and put them together for them. Thnx for letting me visit and you are welcome to visit my site. ,,glenn

Joanna Jenkins said...

Keep writing Lisa. You have a wonderful voice!

gaelikaa said...

I think all of us have a writer inside to some extent and releasing the 'inner writer' is very therapeutic in itself. I hope you will continue in your desire to write and get that long awaited book out!