Sunday, September 27, 2009

America the Beautiful - No other description needed

I’ve had the privilege to see much of this gorgeous country we call home. There are still many more states that I have not had the chance to visit, but there’s still time. But for a girl from a little town in New York State, I’ve been around the block, I mean the country, a few times.

Every time I look at my surroundings, be it the desert southwest (Death Valley, Las Vegas, Santa Fe), the Pacific Northwest (southern Oregon, northern Washington), the flat lands of Nebraska and the mountains of Colorado, or the woodlands and waterfalls of the east coast, I become enraptured by the sheer beauty of this land that we have the freedom to explore. We are so lucky to live in a place that has all these amazing natural resources.

I am not one to say such expressions as the “best” or the “greatest”, but it sure is hard not to feel as though we live in the best and greatest country in the world when I realize the diversity we are all privileged to be owners of. I think that most Americans tend to forget that we are indeed “owners” of every inch of public land that is within the United States. If we did remember, perhaps there would be a greater push toward appreciation and consideration for the land, its limited resources, and the legacy we are leaving future generations.

But this isn’t a lecture on conservation; rather it is meant to be a tribute to the places I’ve been and those I hope to visit in the future. So be my guest on a journey through this great land we call home and "ours."

The Alabama Swamps It's like being in a present day Jurassic Park

Sitting in the shadow of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Mountains outside of Las Vegas, NV at sunset

The Applegate River, southern Oregon

Enjoying the view and the ride, Morro Bay, California

Somewhere in Alaska

Sun setting on the Pacific Ocean

The formidable Death Valley

Southern Utah lake in the wake of a mountain

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Alan Burnett said...

Yes for sheer diversity of scenery, there is nothing can touch your home country. Lovely photographs, lovely country.