Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mirror Mirror

When I look in the mirror these days I don't often like what I see. That is unless I've got makeup on, my hair is cooperating, I've had enough sleep and I found something in my closet that's acceptable to wear. It was much worse before I started working out a couple of months ago. I don't see any drastic changes for the better in my overall appearance, but my mind/body image is in a much better place. I know I'll never again look like I did 20 to 30 years ago, but I know I don't have to be destined to look old, frumpy, fat, and used up.

I never really paid much attention to my looks when I was in my prime. My weight also never was an issue, not until my 40s. Then as the pounds creeped up I realized how much I avoided cameras. Actually, when I go through my old pictures I am quite pleased with the way I looked; I was rather cute and didn't even know it.

It didn't start out that way. Those old pictures in my collection provide me with a great opportunity to see me change from cute kid to awkward ugly duck to attractive young woman. Those transitional images give me hope that I can once again evolve into someone whose face I would like to see immortalized in a picture.

Even I think she's adorable!

She's so vain

My hair was/is so unruly, short is the only way my grandmother could stand it

Who could do this to a child?

Finally I got to keep my hair long

That's me with one of my big brothers - 1972

Young Mom

1988 - my wedding day

Here I am on my 50th birthday - 2007

Truthfully, I'm looking forward to the changes I'll be witness to on my face over the next 50 years. I hope some of you will be around to see that post when it's published!


Lilly said...

Oh my you havent really changed through the years either. Beautiful.

Sue Watz said...

You have a beautiful heart so no matter how you change over the years, you will always look amazing to us.

The Machinist's Wife said...

What a beautiful, friendly face. I love looking at photos to compare how we change as we get older. There are so many laughs in it! I often think that most women look better now than they did in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Some even look younger. Great photos, which inspire me to gather my own and compare. Not that there are many. It seems that children in the 60's didn't have a lot of photos taken, apart from the school ones. Maybe our mams couldn't afford cameras, or perhaps it wasn't 'that' important. I know my own mam had a lot on her plate .. Seems like these generations make up for the lack thereof, though.