Monday, July 6, 2009

From the Road - Fruita, Colorado

The first leg of the road trip, destination Batavia, New York, went well. After much contemplation of how I wanted to take the trip alone, just me and two dogs, I asked if my grandson, Aiden (just turned 7 on Thursday)could come along. He was thrilled to do it, even after telling him he'd be two weeks in a tiny car with me, driving, driving, driving.... He still wanted to tag along. So we headed out of Las Vegas at noon.

The decision to drive over flying came easily, but so many people thought I was crazy to attempt such a feat. I began to doubt my choice, even as I was stuffing every inch of the car with necessaries. My conviction came clear, however as Aiden and I traveled through the magnificent landscape through Utah; the ancient rocks, the numerous colors of rock and sky, and the almost-full moon capped the experience for both of us. I was touching the earth, not flying over it in a cramped box too high above to see its beauty. I'm so happy I am driving across my country, am looking forward to encountering the beauty of its landscape, people, and environment.

That's how I feel at the moment, let's see what my attitude is on the freeway, boxed in by Mack trucks, in the fog, during rush hour.

Aiden and I made it to Fruita, Colorado, just over the Utah/Colorado border. My longtime friend, Celeste lives there (not for too much longer) with her beautiful daughter, Lisa. Lisa is married to Saint Josh; they have four children ages 2, 3, and 5-year-old twins. I'm grateful for the rest stop and the company, oh and the nice cup of coffee I'm about to sign off and drink.

Keep checking in, more to come.

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